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  • Linseed oil

    Promotes Health, Digestion & Condition
  • Copper-Trition

    Supplemental Copper to assist growth and development in deficient areas, with essential vitamins.
  • Selenavite E Powder

    High Concentration Vitamin and Trace Element Supplement
  • Garlic Granules

    High grade granule in re-sealable bag.
  • Restore-Lyte Powder

    Electrolyte with Antioxidant and Energy Source
  • Restore-Lyte Syringes 3 X 35g

    Easily absorbed Electrolyte Gel – Ideal after competition or in Transit
    £11.59 £10.00
  • Ly-Pic+ 6 X 40g

    Novel Antioxidant with Vitamins for energy metabolism.
  • Sand Shifter

    Psyllium – assists removal of sand and soil particles in the gut.
  • Haemavite B Plus Liquid

    Iron and B Vitamin Tonic for energy and recuperation.
  • Aluminium Hoof Hardener

    Conditions and leaves hooves hard and strong
    £13.98 £7.50
  • Cool It Powder 900g

    Complementary Feed for horses